36 Hours – A typographic journey

Relating an experience through a visual expository.

Student project.

Completed in 2011 at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

All photos were taken by me. Book was hand bound.
Printed on Inkjet.

This book chronicles my journey of discovering typography through images of found typography in my daily life and environment in Savannah, GA. Through image treatment and texture, the story of my mental state while trying to understand and learn about the nuances of type is conveyed.

The book itself is broken down into 3 sections - 01 Inner Turmoil, 02 Discovery and 03 More than Words.

The book itself was bound in an accordion format to enable the viewer to lay the book out in a linear fashion, across the span of 10 ft, so that they could not only walk through the journey in a linear fashion, but also see the visual progression from chaos to stillness.




The first chapter seeks to reflect the confusion and chaos I experienced in my initial journey of exploring typography. I was told to look at typography in different places and appreciate the design and importance of type selection, but it went completely over my head. It felt like things were screaming at me, but not telling me anything. 

In this chapter, I altered the images, enhancing the brightness, contrasts and saturation to overstimulate the viewers senses to relate the same feelings I felt in my confusion.



Chapter 2 shows a calmer state of mind, reflective of how my eyes were slowly beginning to open to the world of typography. In this stage, I was focused on the details of letter forms and the nuances of form. 

The photography here reflects that with macro shots, where nothing, but letterforms are in focused. At times, they are shot so close, the words and letters are abstracted into shapes. As the chapter progresses, the overlay of graphics from the chaos of chapter 1 gradually disappears as well.



This chapter reflects me at the stage where I understood the use of typography to tell a story, to no longer take words at face value but to also apply form analysis and environmental context into account. In this chapter, colors are removed, images are desaturated to calm the user's focus and draw their attention into a still, and seemingly silent image so they too, can reflect and be absorbed into the story that the typography is trying to tell.