Heart Rate Training with UA Record


Train hard and train smart with Under Armour Record's new heart rate training tools.

Completed at Under Armour in 2016.

Interaction design &
Visual design

With the release of a new chest strap and heart rate enabled wireless earphones, Under Armour wanted to elevate the heart rate training experience in the UA Record App. 

I took the existing designs, restructured the content and explored various interaction models to find a model that met the needs of our users and helped them to achieve their peak performance.

All the info you need at the flick of the finger.

Our research with users and trainers showed us that users were in 2 different training modes:

1. Heart rate training mode
Focus here is on pacing the athlete, focusing on achieving target HR zones in the right amount of time period. 

2. Sport specific mode
Focus here is on activity data, showing the user how much they've achieved with data such as distance, duration, pace and calories. 

After exploring different interaction models, we settled on a vertical scroll, which allowed users to quickly switch between the two focus modes with the flick of a finger. This was essential as we needed to account for the difficulty in navigating a smart phone with sweaty, slippery fingers. 

RealtimeHR bar.jpg

Making heart rate training visual, clear and fun.

"I love the new heart rate bar. It makes it so fun to see the arrow move across zones. It really motivates me to push myself harder."

- Record user


Knowing when to push harder, slow down or how to maintain your heart rate is a challenging process that many athletes struggle with. Instead of having to know what their heart rate zones are, we made their heart rate zones readily glanceable with color. 

In addition, a visible bar ticker shows them where they are WITHIN each zone so they can see if they are teethering at the end of the target zone.