Seconds - making moments that count

A game that seeks to create opportunities for couples to get together to connect in new ways and remember why they fell in love.

Completed in 2012,
senior thesis in college

Done at Savannah College of Art & Design


With Facebook exposing me to the personal lives of more friends and families that were outside of my daily physical contact, I grew more aware of friends getting in and out of relationships, with some getting to the point of divorce. Their reasonings? "It just wasn't working out anymore", "We matured and no longer had things in common", "We no longer have feelings for each other."

I was taught growing up, that relationships took work. Both parties had to make an effort to keep a relationship alive.

Because it’s easy to forget why you’re together in the first place, I create the game Seconds. Seconds is a game that seeks to create opportunities for couples to get together to connect in new ways and remember why they fell in love.

The name "Seconds" hold several meanings.

1: Seconds (An event number)
A second chance at love, another chance of experiencing a memorable event.

2. Seconds (Time)
How time seems to stop or slow down when we are in love, a reminder to cherish and make every second count.


Seconds is a game played amongst couples, or any 2 people in a relationship that needs work (lovers, parent & child, siblings, friends etc). Unlike most games, it is not played in a single setting, but rather across a long period of time, for however long it takes. 

It is comprised of a display case that can be meant to be set in sight within a home. Within the box are a 100 different cards, of various thicknesses, each containing a task items of 4 different themes, color coded within the box – Express, Anticipate, Remember and Connect.

Tasks vary in effort, from initiating a romantic date, bringing their date to relive a memorable event in the history of the relationship, encourage communication and expression of love to completing surprising acts of love like doing the dishes or setting up a bubble bath.

Tasks are sorted into 5 levels of difficulties, as reflected by the thickness of the card. The thicker the card, the more effort and time the tasks requires.

Unlike most games where winning is comprised of dominating the other party, Seconds is a game where the goal is becoming equals. 

Each member of the couple is represented by 1 end of the box and lights up in a single color. As the players complete the activities of the game together, their relationship strengthens. Seconds provides a visual representation of what that is like. Sensors within the kit measures the number of cards played and lights up the segments. The message being, as you work towards each other in single entities, you’ll soon merge to become a single unit – a couple. Because tasks are specific to the nature of the relationship, players can buy different card packs that are made for couples, parent/child, siblings, or just friends.